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I am honored to introduce our winery WINE &Co. The idea of winery has emerged when my grandchildren appeared in our family Erekle Bagrationi and Elene Javrishvili, I wish to share with them homeland love, nobility and kindness and it became the main inspiration to me to create something that will unite our traditions and new generation. In 2006, we started selection of location and grape varieties. For vineyards, we selected Khakheti region known as a homeland of wine and particularly village Tokhliauri for its geological and climate features and cultivated traditional and grape varieties of diverse flavor: Saperavi, Manavis Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli. In 2014, we built the enterprise equipped with modern technologies and standards, were wine making is also processed with the composition of modern and traditional technologies. The winery and viticulture is one of the oldest Georgian national treasure that every Georgian should maintain, take care. love and inspire next generation with it. I wish WINE&Co to be another contribution from my side for welfare of our country and new generation.


Kakheti is known as the region of wine growing and wine-making with ancient and unique traditions. It is mainly conditioned by its climate and soil feature that encourages reveal of best features of grape. Our vineyards as mentioned above are in Kakheti region and particularly it belongs to Manavi micro zone. The main advantage of our winery is that we produce wine only with grape from our vineyards. The vineyards since its cultivation is under our mentoring and supervision. Vineyards are located near the enterprise territory and grape delivery to the main destination only takes 20 minutes that has positive impact on the quality of wine.

Shalva Machavariani

Shalva Machavariani the senior winemaker at WINE&Co company and certified wine taster. My relationship with winery started in 1992 at the Tbilisi State Agrarian University. I took the hard way from cellar worker to senior winemaker.

I have passed through all stages in accordance I am familiar to the whole process of wine making.

The main priority and goal to me is the high-quality product and to achieve it I use combination of traditional and modern technologies. The company and my vision related to the quality of the product and result is similar and that’s why I choose winery WINE &Co and work there as senior winemaker.

Our company is oriented to create high quality product, respectively its productivity is limited, for now the company can offer to the consumer only 70 000 bottles per year.

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